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An eye examination at McKenna and Scott Exclusive in Pinelands is not merely about finding a prescription. It is about eyecare, eye health, patient education and friendly service. Vision is not merely about the clarity of the image. It is about how both the eyes work together as a team ie. eye alignment, the contraction and relaxation of the individual eye muscles and ocular movements. These factors affect our visual performance and comfort throughout our daily tasks and activities. The majority of eye diseases are painless and can go undetected for years, leading to possible irreparable damage. Also, certain eye conditions can be manifestations of underlying systemic diseases. All these aspects of vision and health are part of our comprehensive eye examinations.

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Vision Apps Month – Makeup Makeover

The world's most advanced mobile virtual makeover application is here. Makeup is an app that takes virtual makeovers to a whole new level with state-of-the-art cosmetics colors, makeup simulation, and makeover effects. You can try literally thousands of cosmetics colors and shades in seconds! That’s not all! You can also try on over 40 different celebrity hairstyles and add accessories like sunglasses, earrings, jewels, and much more! How, you ask? First, snap a photo or choose a photo from the gallery. Then, choose your favorite makeup products from our huge database. Once you have found the perfect color combination,

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Vision Apps Month – Eye Colour Studio

Try out hundreds of eye colors and effects on your own photo using ModiFace's patented facial simulation technology. These photo-realistic effects include standard color contacts, exotic contacts, scary eye effects, alien/animal eyes, and our favorite. You can also create your own effect by uploading a photo of a friend, a pet, or anything else that you like! Specific application features include: The ability to simulate hundreds of eye colors photo-realistically on any photo Upload a photo from your album or Facebook, or choose a model image or take one with your device's camera Over 150 eye colors including regular,

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Can Eye Drops become Addictive?

Some over-the-counter products that ease allergy symptoms or get rid of red eyes contain a type of decongestant called a vasoconstrictor. They can cause "rebound" swelling and redness, which may lead to chronic eye redness. The redness may even get worse with continued use. Ask your optometrist which eye drops are safest for you. It is not possible to become overly dependent on artificial tears that have no preservatives. Because these eye drops contain harmless moisturizers and no medication, they’re very safe no matter how often they are used. Some eye drops contain benzalkonium chloride preservative, which can cause

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