Challenging activities for people with glasses – like Ballerinas

What if a Ballerina cannot see well? Don’t give up on ballet just because you wear specs. Practice your routines with glasses then swap to contact lenses like Ciba vision Air Optic Colors just before your exiting performance. It is very important for dancers to see clearly and crucial for catching things. Ballerinas complain about

Challenging activities for people with glasses – like Fire fighters

Did you know that fire fighters train blinded? I've been planning on joining the Firefighters but I couldn't find any information about glasses/contacts. I wear prescription glasses (usually at night when I'm at home) and I also wear contacts for the majority of the day (10+ hours) also without them I'm pretty much blind, I

Sunglasses for Kids

Sunglasses for Kids Children may not be as interested as adults are in the fashion aspect of sunglasses. But because kids spend much more time outdoors than most adults do, sunglasses that block 100 percent of the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays are extra important for children. In fact, because children spend significantly more