Diet can seriously affect your eyes


Although there is no strong evidence about the effect of diet on age-related macular degeneration (AMD), eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, including dark green leaves, is good for your general health and may support good eye health.

There are lots of dietary supplements on the market which claim to be beneficial for eye health. There is no good evidence that the general population should be taking these supplements, but they may be helpful for some people who have existing AMD. Discuss whether or not they may be helpful for you with your optometrist.


Maintaining a healthy weight is not only good for your general health, but it is also good for your eyes. People who are overweight are more likely to develop diabetes, which may in turn affect your eyes.

Maintaining a healthy weight is also more likely to help you keep your blood pressure under control. Having high blood pressure can also affect your eyes.

High cholesterol

High cholesterol increases your risk of having a stroke. It also increases your risk of having a blood vessel at the back of your eye bleed of become blocked.

A stroke happens when a blood vessel in your brain bleeds or becomes blocked. This can affect your vision if it is in the part of the brain that you use to see with. It can cause blind spots in your vision that may mean that you have problem reading, are no longer able to drive, and you may bump into things.

If a blood vessel at the back of your eye bleeds or becomes blocked this may seriously affect your vision and in some cases lead to total sight loss in one eye.

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