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Pediatric vision • Binocular vision • Age related disorders • Pathology screening • Contact lens fitting • Retinal photography

An eye examination at McKenna and Scott Exclusive in Pinelands is not merely about finding a prescription. It is about eyecare, eye health, patient education and friendly service. Vision is not merely about the clarity of the image. It is about how both the eyes work together as a team ie. eye alignment, the contraction and relaxation of the individual eye muscles and ocular movements. These factors affect our visual performance and comfort throughout our daily tasks and activities. The majority of eye diseases are painless and can go undetected for years, leading to possible irreparable damage. Also, certain eye conditions can be manifestations of underlying systemic diseases. All these aspects of vision and health are part of our comprehensive eye examinations.

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Computer Eye Strain | EYE COMFORT TIPS

Computer Eye Strain   |  EYE COMFORT TIPS To avoid eye strain, at what size should your computer display text? According to computer vision syndrome expert Dr. James Sheedy, it should be three times the smallest size that you can read from your normal viewing position. The best color combination for your eyes is black text on a white background, though other dark-on-light combinations also work well. If you use Windows 7, you can adjust text size and color by going to the Start menu, opening the Control Panel and choosing Display. Here you can also adjust your screen's resolution

October 22nd, 2018|Categories: Eye Care, General News|Comments Off on Computer Eye Strain | EYE COMFORT TIPS

Computer Eye Strain

Adjust your computer display settings. Adjusting the display settings of your computer can help reduce eye strain and fatigue. Generally, these adjustments are beneficial: Adjust the brightness of the display so it's approximately the same as the brightness of your surrounding workstation. As a test, look at the white background of this Web page. If it looks like a light source, it's too bright. If it seems dull and gray, it may be too dark. Text size and contrast. Adjust the text size and contrast for comfort, especially when reading or composing long documents. Usually, black print on a

October 15th, 2018|Categories: Eye Care, General News|Comments Off on Computer Eye Strain

Computer Eye Strain

Computer Eye Strain 1. The possible danger of ‘Blue light’ While more research is needed to determine if prolonged digital device use causes permanent damage to the eyes, many eye doctors are concerned about the effects of blue (HEV) light emitted from digital devices. Animal studies have shown that exposure to high levels of HEV light can damage tissue in the retina, possibly leading to conditions like macular degeneration. 2. Upgrade your display. If you have not already done so, replace your old tube-style monitor (called a cathode ray tube or CRT) with a flat-panel liquid crystal display (LCD),

October 8th, 2018|Categories: Eye Care, General News|Comments Off on Computer Eye Strain