Is too much screen time bad for kids?

During your holidays your kids may spend a lot more time in front of their tablets, computers and mobile phones. CNN published an alarming article in November 2019 claiming that a research found that kids screentime in the USA had doubled in the past year.

Children and their phones are inseparable today, and all that reading and playing games on their handheld devices may be harming their vision.

To reduce screen time, some parents ban phones at the dinner table. This applies to both adults and children. And in some homes, playing games or texting must stop two hours before bedtime.

To put a hard stop on screen time, some moms and dads set time limits on their children’s daily device use. For example, when a total of two hours of screen time has been reached, no more texting, game playing or YouTube watching.

As kids grow, their screen time tends to grow with them. And even very young children these days are spending a significant amount of time each day staring at screens. According to Common Sense Media, young children in the U.S. spend the following amount of time each day using digital devices:

  • Kids under 2 years of age: 42 minutes per day
  • Kids ages 2 to 4: 2.5 hours per day
  • Children ages 5 to 8: nearly 3 hours per day

Why might too much screen time be a problem for kids?

Recent USA research shows that 30 percent of parents report their children experience at least one of the following symptoms after being exposed to more than two hours of screen time per day:

  • Headaches
  • Neck/shoulder pain
  • Eye strain, dry or irritated eyes
  • Reduced attention span
  • Poor behavior
  • Irritability

Any of these symptoms could potentially affect academic performance and social interactions.

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