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An eye examination at McKenna and Scott Exclusive in Pinelands is not merely about finding a prescription. It is about eyecare, eye health, patient education and friendly service. Vision is not merely about the clarity of the image. It is about how both the eyes work together as a team ie. eye alignment, the contraction and relaxation of the individual eye muscles and ocular movements. These factors affect our visual performance and comfort throughout our daily tasks and activities. The majority of eye diseases are painless and can go undetected for years, leading to possible irreparable damage. Also, certain eye conditions can be manifestations of underlying systemic diseases. All these aspects of vision and health are part of our comprehensive eye examinations.

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Recognising and Treating Eye Injuries

You can't always tell when an eye is injured or that the injury is serious. Some problems, like a detached retina, can only be seen during a doctor's examination. And some injuries can raise eye pressure or cause slow bleeding—problems that are only obvious when they get really serious. Eye injuries can cause vision loss or blindness. It's important to be able to recognize some of the most common symptoms of eye injuries. Common causes of eye injuries include: Punches: Blows from hands, balls or other sports equipment Flying pieces of material from explosions or industrial work Flying objects

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Preventing Eye Injuries

Preventing Eye Injuries Protecting your eyes from injury is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your vision healthy throughout your life. Protective Eyewear You may be somewhat aware of your possible risks for an eye injury, but are you taking the easiest step of all to prevent 90 percent of those injuries? Wearing the proper protective eyewear greatly reduces your risk of an eye injury and vision loss. If you are not taking this step, you are not alone. According to a national survey done in the USA, only 35 percent of respondents said they

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Are your spectacles a problem only ‘some’ of the time?

I can see fine to read or drive, but I'm having trouble with certain tasks, especially at work. What's wrong? It sounds like you may be having problems with your intermediate vision, which is the term used to describe visual acuity that's needed to perform tasks at arm's length — such as viewing a desktop computer screen. This is a common complaint among computer users who wear bifocals or multi-focals (which correct only far and near vision) or reading glasses (which correct only near vision). The vision you need for tasks such as seeing your computer screen and other

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