Try out hundreds of eye colors and effects on your own photo using ModiFace’s patented facial simulation technology. These photo-realistic effects include standard color contacts, exotic contacts, scary eye effects, alien/animal eyes, and our favorite. You can also create your own effect by uploading a photo of a friend, a pet, or anything else that you like!

Specific application features include:

  • The ability to simulate hundreds of eye colors photo-realistically on any photo
  • Upload a photo from your album or Facebook, or choose a model image or take one with your device’s camera
  • Over 150 eye colors including regular, exotic, scary, animal, alien, and more!!!
  • Create your own eye color feature which allows you to upload a photo and make your own custom eye color
  • The ability to adjust the opacity of each effect
  • Share your results on Twitter or Facebook, or email/save them

Download for Android:

Download for Apple:

Disclaimer: Note these are 3rd party apps and we have no control on their efficacy, availability or result. By downloading these apps you abide by the respective manufacturer’s terms and conditions

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